Let's Have a Proper Brew!

Over the past year/months at Tesla Studios we've been upgrading our acoustics and adding hand-wired, boutique top of the line equipment....we're very pleased.... but....Most exciting of all....

We're very happy to announce we now have a studio teapot!!  You'll be pleased to know it has good, comfortable handle,  has no drips and is a GREAT pourer. Our Yorkshire Tea never tasted so good. I'm sure it makes our recordings sound better too.

In other news the new Slow Club album, 'Complete Surrender' was released last Monday. We recorded one of the tracks here as well as some overdubs for Everything is New. This month we've also been lucky enough to have had The Hosts in recording their next single and the tracking for the Pete Williams album is coming to close. Have a look at the gallery from Pete and band's tracking sessions.