With drums being one of the most complex and important elements in music production, this drum recording workshop aims to give a greater insight into the art of recording drums and how to achieve better, professional drum recordings.

With the aid of one the industry’s most respected drummers, Steve White along with his many years of experience, spanning artists such as The Style Council, Paul Weller, Jon Lord , The Who at Live 8 , Ian Dury , Dr John, Oasis ( touring ) The Family Silver and Hague & White to name a few, attendees will each have the opportunity to gain knowledge into many elements involved in the art of recording drums. Such as:

  • Preparing & tuning drums to be recorded

  • Expectations of the drummer

  • Microphone types, typical choices and importance of placement

  • Basic through to full micing of a drum kit

  • Signal chain and outboard equipment in tracking

  • The importance of room acoustics

  • Using a DAW for recording, the benefits and pitfalls etc

  • Observing Steve drum to a song as he would in a real world session and discussing.

  • Opportunity to record in a professional studio environment with feedback and tips on improving performance from Steve & Glover.

The studio/technical side of the workshop will be lead by Record Producer/Engineer, David Glover.

Glover has over 15yrs of professional experience, gained credits on many releases & worked on a number of critically acclaimed records. As well as frequently collaborating with Steve, Glover has worked along side Slow Club, Richard Hawley, Charles Watson, Self Esteem, The Hosts, Pete Williams, Matt Deighton, Hague & White and producers such has John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead, XTC), Colin Elliot (Richard Hawley, Kylie, Paul Weller) and Gregg Haver (Manic Street Preachers).

The workshop will run for approximately 5 hours with break & refreshments will be included.